Commandments for writing an academic report

Writing does not come naturally to everyone. Some scholars are natural writers; they can easily pen down several pages of research report. While others may take hours to get just a few paragraphs completed. The challenge is greater in case of academic writing because the style is so distinct. There are several rules to be followed, which make it different from casual or creative writing that most students are used to. Here are some guidelines to help scholars who struggle with the documentation part:

Simple writing, high thinking

The review committee is not judging your linguistic skills, unless you are doing a doctorate in literature. They are looking for strong arguments and original insight, and will appreciate if you are able to express the same in simple language. So, don’t go looking for complicated terminology or words that no one understands. Your purpose should be to make the content easily readable.

Another tip for the vocabulary; steer clear of colloquial terms or language that is derogatory for any lingual or ethnic group. The academic report must be serious in its tone.

Technical jargon

While the vocabulary and writing style must be kept succinct, you must not omit any specific jargons or terms that are necessary for the report, especially if you are writing a report on any technical subject. However, remember to define the terms used clearly in footnotes or glossary. Also, the use of such jargon must be limited to the extent needed. Do not overuse such terminology; it will only make your writing complicated.

Sources and references

All your sources must be mentioned in endnotes or bibliography, as required. Plus, in text quotes and other information must be cited using the proper style. Make sure to use the mandated style uniformly throughout the report.

Graphical presentations

Although you do not exactly ‘write’ them, yet tables, graphs, charts and illustrations make a vital part of your report. Include them carefully, placing them along with relevant text. Follow the guidelines for labeling and numbering of all such presentations.

Practice academic writing to get the flair. Writing regularly will certainly help you to draft an impressive report.

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