David regained his confidence to write after repeated rejections. So can you!

Ironically true that the number one way to grow your confidence as a writer is to actually write. Taking action is the only way to improve rather than brooding over doubts. When you complete each project, you find platforms to demonstrate your capability as a writer and improvise. Even if that means many rounds of rejection but there is progression towards improvisation. David, in the process of writing his masters dissertation was made to feel that it wasn’t his cup of tea and he wouldn’t be able to sail through it because every time that he wrote, there was nothing but rejection that he had to face. He found a way to learn from repeated failures and develop his confidence in such a way that success had to follow. When David can do it, there is no reason that you cannot do the same.

In the words of David, the first thing that he learnt is that not being able to write in the first attempt was not going to improve with losing confidence. Confidence does not reflect in writing. What really matter is self efficacy. It is the description of those factors that help you to estimate your own ability. Your ability to act so that you are able to positively effect the change.

The best way in which you can change your beliefs about your own abilities and feel that you can do it is to move away from those beliefs and venture into action. This worked for David as he learnt to continue to act , as in, write despite the fact that beliefs told him he wasn’t going to be good at it. It surprisingly worked for him and this is what is proven by theory that persistence in behaviour can actually change your attitude about yourself, which also includes self efficacy. For David this meant that shift his focus from fears about writing to continuously sitting to write, despite all constraints.

Eventually David was able to draft out his masters thesis to the surprise of his peer and faculty in quality that surpassed all expectation. In the words of David, “ Writing and only writing is the most result orientated cure for lacking the confidence to write. It is definitely the solution, though it isn’t a quick fix but a certain solution”

The real writer is only someone who just writes, irrespective!!