Online Sources to Get Free Materials for Writing a Better Dissertation

It is inevitable for a PhD or Master’s student to look for free resources while writing a research paper or dissertation. Today’s age is of the Internet that has made information a limitless asset accessible by everyone in this world. Therefore, it is not surprising for the students to seek useful materials online, rather than in the libraries.

One of the most common sources to look for free sample dissertations or research papers is the official Web site of different universities. This is where you may come across some samples written by the former students who have done research in different fields. Such materials act as a template or the basis on which you choose to write your own paper. However, it is not advisable to write the dissertation in the same way because your topic may not be the same and that you are required to submit an original paper.

Another cool option for you is to visit the site of your campus library. Here, you can log in your student account information for accessing scholarly journal articles on writing dissertation in a proper manner. This is where you need to pay attention to the common mistakes revealed by the authors as well as to defending dissertation after completion.


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