Projects on Relationships and Marketing

So for all those students who have opted to do their post-graduation in marketing it is project time and they have to choose a topic on which to do research on. Now as everybody knows marketing involves a great deal on building relationships. Those companies that merely try and sell products to customers and do not think about much else invariably fail in the long run.

1But those companies, which focus on building long term relationships with the customer and gain their trust, find that they have some loyal clients for life who are even prepared to, go the extra mile and pay more money for their products and services. In a fiercely competitive marketplace where so many firms are jostling for a piece of a small pie, it is but natural that companies with the best relationships and the best marketing strategies will eventually win the day.

Marketing students would be well advised to do research on this topic. This is a topic that will never get old. The nature of human society is changing all the time and marketing managers constantly want to know what people are thinking and how they are influenced by relationships with companies and their products.

Companies often go out of their way to build relationships with customers. They offer seasonal discount on their products, they introduce loyalty card schemes, they try and open stores that are close to where the customers live, and they have tie-ups with other companies so that they can offer a larger bouquet of products. Students can look into which of these schemes are successful and which ones are not and what are some of the most innovative schemes in the market. Once they develop a deep insight into the mind of the customer then they will find that their path in the world of marketing becomes a lot easier.

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