The value of good feedback

One of the crucial aspects of writing a dissertation is to ask for feedback very early on in the process. A dissertation project is a huge undertaking. It takes a lot of time, resources and effort. The worst mistake that a student can make is to proceed in the wrong direction from the very outset. If the mistake is discovered later on in the process then the student will find that a considerable portion of the project will have to be rewritten. If the mistake is never discovered at all then the project will be finished and it would have been done incorrectly. This would lead to the student losing marks and maybe even losing a year.

That is why it is essential that the student get on the right path from the word go. In order to do this they need to ask for feedback from the right people. If they are making any mistakes on the project, it can be rectified immediately. The advisor will also offer tips that will help them with their work. It is essential to ask for feedback from the right people. It does not help when the person giving the advice is as ignorant as the person asking for advice. Usually senior professors and esteemed scholars in a certain field are the people that one turns to for counsel. These are the people who have travelled on the same path as the student and know exactly what it takes to complete a high quality academic project. Therefore, they are best placed to help him. The tips that they give would also be practical and can be implemented by the student immediately. The value of such feedback cannot be underestimated and the student should take all efforts to keep getting such feedback at regular intervals.

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