Ways to Develop a Thesis for Fictional Literature

There will be times when students of literature decide to do their project on fictional books, poems, or short stories. The first thing that they will have to do is to prepare their thesis.

For this they will have to read the piece of literature very closely. They might have to read it more than once to get a complete grasp of the intricacies of the story. Just in case they forget what the main points of the story are, they should keep a book by their side and keep making points as and when they notice something that is of interest to them.

Many authors have something useful to say even in fictional pieces of work. In fact, many fictional short stories and novels derive their inspiration from real life incidents. The students should carefully analyze what the author is trying to say about society. There are often multiple messages in a story. If the researchers were to consider all the messages then it is possible that either they would struggle to develop a proper thesis or their thesis would be too confusing. That is why many students think it is a good idea to focus on just one message or one element of the story and develop the thesis around it.

Once the idea for the thesis has been developed, students should look at whether they have enough evidence to support it. There will be nothing to write in the project if the students do not have anything to support their ideas. If the evidence on hand for the message is not sufficient enough then the students should develop another thesis statement, one that is backed by enough material. Many writers first find the answers then frame a question that will suit the answers. This is an easy way of tackling the project.

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