Why You Must Proofread Your Dissertation before Submission

Right from our early school days, we have been taught to review or re-read our answer sheets before submitting it to examiner to avoid silly mistakes that can cause negative marking. This is no doubt a good practice that we must follow whenever we require to submit or print any research paper, journal, essay, email or any kind of written document. A write-up is not complete without proofreading. If you don’t proofread your manuscript before submission or publication and leave it along with the errors, then that could fetch negative impression for you from your readers.

How to Proofread Your Manuscript?

Proofreading is not at all a child’s play; it requires a vigilant eye and a good grip over language and grammar. At the first place, you have to read the write-up several times, slowly and minutely to understand whether it is capably conveying the message or topic you want to put forth. You should check whether the title of the dissertation or the written document matches with the content. At next level, you have to minutely observe whether the paragraphs are in sync with each other and the transition from one paragraph to another is smooth and coherent. If you find any trouble at any point, you may have to rewrite those parts and to conduct further research if required.

After you are done with this part, now you have to concentrate on finding the spelling and grammatical errors. Along with that, don’t forget to check whether the language you have used matches the academic standards and the punctuation of sentences are properly done. Make sure you have followed the prescribed formatting guideline and the sources you have used are relevant and properly mentioned in the bibliography chart.

Remember, your document is incomplete unless until you proofread it and make it error-free. If you find it tedious and time consuming, you can take professional editor’s help as well.

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